We offer different and multiple kinds of laser treatments for different problems of people like Fine Lines and Wrinkles, For treating lines and wrinkles,Skin Tightening, Most cosmetic laser procedures provide at least some level of superficial tightening and a permanent solution. Our efficient and profound laser treatment and cosmetology services are offered at Pride Hospitals


Our staff is highly experienced and well trained on the most current skin care treatments and procedures. Our services include Injectables, Laser Treatments, Body Treatments, Facial Treatments and Permanent Makeup.

Hair transplantation

Allowing us to focus exclusively on perfecting every aspect of the art and science of hair transplantation, while simultaneously allowing our clients to also reap the cost savings benefits of our incredibly effective and efficient surgical techniques, technology and hair care secrets, which have taken hundreds of thousands of work hours and more than a generation to innovate and perfect.

Our highly skilled and trained team will treat you with compassion,kindness and competence to ensure you have an outstanding experience
Our Microscopic Analysis allows us to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells which allows us to identify common root problems, such as chemical inflammation from perms, hair color/relaxers, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, dirt and styling product build-up and lack of hair nutrition.

Our analysis works for both men and women and for all hair textures and types.

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